Thursday, January 3, 2013

# 3

I am grateful I am able to meet all of my kids needs and provide them with some wants.

The past year has not been all rainbows and sunshine in the financial department, either. In fact, it hasn't been that was for the past 4 years. Shortly after we bought our house in 2008, my husband embarked on the first of a series of lay offs. Each lay off would last longer than the previous it seemed.

My husband is an electrician and joined the union out here in Nebraska. Due to the economy, there wasn't much in the way of new construction work being done so many electricians have suffered the same fate. Due, to all the time spent on unemployment we have not been able to pay certain bills and we owe $8,000 to the bank in order to get the loan on our mortgage current. As one may rightly assume, this is a very stressful thing.

 However, as luck would have it and has had it, each year he manages to get a job right before the holidays. So far, we have been able to afford a decent Christmas for the kids every year and they always have everything they need. I am eternally grateful for that.

My husband is working for a large company now that appears to have several bids on large jobs. It seems he may escape being laid off once this job is complete and will be able to move to another job site for the same company rather than go on the books and wait for something else to come up. I have been in contact with the bank and will hopefully be able to work out something feasible with them so we can avoid going through with a  foreclosure. Even if foreclosure occurs, I have found several large apartments for a great price in this immediate are so the kids can stay at the same school.  I would  just have to find someone willing to co-sign,as my credit is in the toilet.

I don't exactly understand how we keep managing ti avoid total disaster, and perhaps we won't entirely avoid it this time around but there are options. I just know I am truly grateful I can give my kids a decent existence.

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