Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fear and Happiness cannot exist together

We all have things we fear and the things we fear change as we grow, age and change. Part of what creates our fear is what we are taught.

We all start our lives naked and helpless, yet all of us start with a certain amount of genetic programming. From there what we are taught by our parents and our individual experiences shape who we become and even dictate what we fear. Some of us fear change, we may fear the thoughts of others, or we may even fear ourselves.

To be truly happy we can not fear. It sounds simple, but it's actually quite difficult. As human beings we are constantly thinking and constantly worrying. Basically to let go of fear, we need to embrace it. We need to understand we don't know everything, not even close.

 We need to understand that the basis of all our fears is simply fearing the unknown and we need to realize that the unknown may not always be a bad thing.  At times as we approach the unknown it can appear to be a very negative thing, but just because something seems bad at the time doesn't mean it will always be that we. Even the worst experiences can lead us to a very happy ending.

I've found there really is no truth other than approaching life without fear, without trepidation, and approaching it with an open mind. Our own truths may vary, but they are constantly evolving. The truth we knew as a child is no longer the truth we know as a teen or an adult.

If we live our lives with an open mind and open heart, embracing our forever changing truth and perspective, we will find happiness. Happiness can be found by taking the time to abolish anger and hatred from our hearts.

We've all be wronged by another and we have all done something we regret.  If we stop and realize we all make mistakes and we all have the same emotions and walk a mile in another persons shoes we can grow as individuals. I have always followed the saying there is 3 sides to eveyr story, their side, your side and the truth. We all have biases, we all have ways we want to see things in order to better cope, we have views of people and ideas that we don't want to change and we fear seeing the truth instead of our own truth. Sometimes we need to take a hard look at things and realize, no matter how scary it is, that our truth may not be someone else's truth and neither truth is entirely accurate.

Human beings harbor anger, disgust and hatred to avoid taking that hard look at themselves or someone/something they believe in. Happiness can not be found in harboring these negative emotions. You may think you are happy, but ultimately what you feel is a false sense of feeling better than someone or something. That smug thinking will eventually lead to your own downfall.

I will say that evil does exist among the human race, but thankfully, those who have true maliciousness in their hearts and minds are few and far between. The majority of us are just trying to find our way and find our place on this rock floating in space. Most of us simply want to find happiness, love and to be loved. Those who do not care for those things can usually be easily picked out. They are the ones who, if they have children, don't put their children's need ahead of their own, for instance.They prefer to do what suits them than do what is right by their kids. They are the ones who don't care when they lose a loved one. They are the ones who can steal without the bat of an eyelash. They have no regard for human life outside of their own. I will reiterate, thankfully, there are not many people like this.

One day...  I hope we can all realize we just want the same things.That we all have made mistakes. We all have skeletons in our closets and we all have demons we must face. When we finally realize we all have negatives to contend with and that we ultimately all want the same thing, we can see true peace on this planet.

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  1. In case I haven't told you lately... You are an amazing woman with one of the most amazing abilities to put into words what people need to hear. I love you and am everyday amazed even more by the things I see. Fear has been one of the biggest things that have put me in the place I was until recently. Learning that fear can and should be overcome and not allowed to rule every decision is something I am FINALLY learning after 42 years. I can never thank you enough for your patience with me in learning to look past my fears and insecurity.