Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Becoming a Juggalo

Starting off the year right with two posts. No worries, I will still write tomorrow, haha.

I am sure most people know what a Juggalo is. For those who don't, to put it simply, a Juggalo is someone who is a fan of Insane Clown Posse (ICP). To go more in depth, is a Juggalo is not just a fan of ICP, a Juggalo relates to the music, understands the message and connects with others who feel the same. This where the "family" part comes in. Most Juggalos thinks of themselves, not as a group of fans, but as a family. They all became a fan of the music for a singular reason and it ties them all together.  In some ways, being a Juggalo is like being part of a religion. The idea is that "the family" will always have your back. Of course, like within any group of human beings, there are people who take advantage, manipulate, lie, cheat and steal. Human beings are not perfect and even some of the most reliable people end up doing one of the things I mentioned... I digress. Well, because there is name for this group they have been labeled a "gang" in many states.  Idiotic really.  Why aren't parrotheads a gang? Well because they don't proudly state their taste in music when committing a crime as some Juggalos do.  For the record, those people who steal, and murder other human beings are not Juggalos... they are simply heartless individuals who listen to the music.

I grew up in Massachusetts.  I remember hearing about ICP now and then. I had never heard their music and I never sought it out either.  I didn't know anyone who listened to it or called themselves a Juggalo. I met a guy we all called "Ohio"  and he had Twiztid tattooed down his forearm.  I asked him what his tattoo meant and he just simply told me it was the name of a band.

My parents and brother moved out to Omaha, Ne in 2005. My husband and I wouldn't end up following suit until the next year. While I was still in Mass and my brother was in Ne we would talk quite a bit. Thanks to a good friend of his taking the time to visit him in Nebraska and helping him out, my brother was able to make quite a few friends. The people he met and who immediately called him friend, called themselves Juggalos.  I remember my mother trying to explain it to me.  I thought is this some kind of weird "Giggalo" thing? My brother got more in depth and explained it to me. I couldn't help but think, "So because you all like the same bands you are now a family?"

When I finally moved to Omaha, my brother started playing some of the music for me. I liked some of it. I honestly felt held back in some ways from giving it a try because of my husband.  In my eyes he has always been a music guru, so to speak. So when he told me ICP and the likes were crap I kind of went with it, Even when I discovered I liked most of the albums and even had favorite songs I kind of kept it to myself.

My brother really got into the music and "the scene". He was sporting his silver hatchetman, his jerseys and concert t's. The big thing was, my brother got the message behind the violent lyrics.  He even called it prior to hearing "Thy unveiling".  He and I would talk about the music, the message, the style and the marketing and business aspect.

When my brother died I decided to collect most of his cd's and listen real hard yet again.  I knew most of the songs by heart already and even knew the meaning, but wanted a new perspective.

I have to say Twiztid is my favorite now. I love most of ICP's older stuff but there are a few songs on Bang Pow Boom and The Mighty Death Pop that I absolutely love too. I really understand the message that they are trying to convey. I love it from the business side and the incredible marketing.  I love Violent J's and Shaggy's story.

 I dislike some fans idea of what family is and what Juggalo means.I dislike using the face paint and lyrics to manipulative, garner sympathy or commit crimes. I dislike the idea that everything must stay the same in the world of "The wicked shit". Twiztid has left the psychopathic label, but they are sill Juggalos. They are still the epitome of family and what it means. I hear people crying that ICP "Made" twiztid and how dare they leave? It makes me think... our mothers and fathers essentially made us, and we all eventually (one hopes) leave the nest. We go on to make our own lives. Can that analogy not be made here? I hear people cry that this is the end of the collab groups Dark Lotus and Psychopathic Rydas. Has no one heard of people from different labels collaborating on songs or different groups? This outcry about Twiztid leaving, leaves me wondering if this isn't a sign of the times. Many reports have comes out showing younger generations are ill equipped to deal with the future (changes) needing mommy and daddy every step of the way. We are seeing people who can not see past the end of their own noses, people who lack empathy, compassion, sympathy or simple the ability to know not everyone is the same.

I have always said, "I am not a Juggalo, I just like the music". Today, I am telling the world, that yes, I am a Juggalo. I have been involved in all the developments.I understand the lyrics. I can grasp the story behind it all.  I know many Juggalos. I get along with Juggalos, we relate.  I am a Juggalo.

Now, some of you may ask "Why is she calling herself a Juggalo and not a Juggalette?" The reason is simple, when Juggalos "came to be" it was Juggalo. It was decided somewhere that there needed to be gender specific name for females.  I don't believe there needs to be a specific name for the female lovers of ICP, Twiztid and so on. Why differentiate? Aren't we all a part of it for the same reasons? Do we not all feel and think the same? It's Juggalo....

I have to credit my brother for introducing me to a group of people who I can get along with and leaving behind something that will always remind me of him. I'm late in the game.  I am not as cool as those who have "been down for like 20 years", but I get it, I love it and I live it.


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