Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gun Control Freak Out

After the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in CT, it seems every one is up in arms about gun control in this country. I want to say first and foremost that what happened at that school is beyond comprehension. Even with mental illness, very few would think to take the lives of children like that. It's something that will never be completely understood. At first it seemed that the shooter may have done it out of some bizarre jealousy regarding his mother, but as reports have shown, she wasn't even on staff at that school.

Onto gun control. I enjoy target shooting. I do not currently own any guns have not been target shooting in quite some time.  I would like to eventually own a gun and start target shooting again. So, as you can see, I am not anti-gun.

I have noticed some gun advocates want everyone armed and some anti-gun groups want all guns banned. Honestly, neither one of these extreme ideas will work. Look up the shooting on that military base not long ago, or at the police station in NJ that was even more recent. In both places, there were people who had access to guns and knew how to use them. In both places, people lost their lives and not one of the people who were around the victims shot the perp. People freeze, they panic, most people respond with flight instead of fight in these situations. There is also the risk that if there are a lot of "fight" oriented people that bullets will fly recklessly. Honestly, there are not many people who are a good shot without lining up their sites.

On the opposite side, banning all guns won't stop guns from being used. We already have an incredible number of guns coming into this country illegal, imagine what would happen with a full ban? This would cause far more problems than we already have. It would be a disaster.

Between both groups, I have also noticed a misconception that gun control means banning guns. That is not what it means. No one is going to come in and take your rifle, shotgun or handgun. Gun control means better background checks, and  restrictions on who can own a gun. It also means working out a plan to have better control on the weapons that come into this country. It also carries the possibility of a type of ban over assault weapons.

I agree with better background checks, psych checks and drug tests to buy a gun. I also agree with developing a plan to have better control over the weapons that come into this country. To an extent, I even agree with a type of ban on assault weapons. One does not use an AK for target practice or hunting, these weapons are designed to kill.  There should only be select people who are allowed to own one.

The biggest thing this country needs to do is to look into why we have more murders and specifically more mass murders of these type compared to other first would countries. Why are we flying off the handle, why are we killing eachother? Is there a higher incidence of mental illness here? If so, why?  Is it something to do with our culture? What is going on?

If anyone happens to read my blog, please feel to leave your thoughts.  I only ask that you are respectful and refrain from name calling. This is topic many people have strong opinions on. If someone can back up their opinion in a respectful manner, you can respond in the same respectful way.

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