Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grateful post #1 and #2

I just realized my earlier post today didn't include what I was grateful for as I said I was going to include positivity in my post.

I missed yesterday, so I'll include #1 in this post also. Every day I will have a post simply titled with a number.

I am grateful for my friends who are still around despite the fact that I went into full hermit mode a few months ago. I basically shut myself off from just about everyone, barely left my own bedroom, and rarely answered texts or calls. They are still here which lets me know they are true friends. They haven't put me down or cast harsh judgements... I am very lucky. Even friends from Massachusetts are still looking out for me and still care. I have to say thank you and I am grateful to have you in my life to Alysia, Yvette and Andrea from Massachusetts, and Penny, Roberta, Lee, Amber, Lisa, Mickey and Andrea from here in Nebraska. Thank you guys so much for understanding and putting up with me not being the greatest friend. I will definitely make it up to you all. I really want to reconnect with each and everyone of you this year.

I am grateful for my kids. Without them, I don't know where I would be. They all have completely different personalities, but are all very intelligent, empathetic and strong willed. I am supposed to be teaching them, but they definitely teach me something new everyday. I look forward to seeing the amazing people they become; However, I don't want to rush it even though they have an uncanny ability to drive me insane.

My oldest child's name is Ethan. He is 7 years old. Ethan is all boy. Though he does have a soft spot for stuffed animals, his blue blanket and cats. He is somehow athletically inclined (those genes must have been hidden), has the type of mind perfect for solving problems and figuring things out, he has ADHD. 

The signs of ADHD showed up early on, but I chalked it up to him being a rambunctious boy. He had a very hard time in Kindergarten and especially 1st grade. Even though he was eating a clean healthy diet and getting a lot of exercise his symptoms increased. He started taking Focalin in October of this year. The change has been amazing but also bittersweet.  I don't like the idea of him needing an amphetamine to be able to concentrate in school. I was secretly hoping the medication wouldn't work and prove he didn't really have ADHD. He is a happier kid on the medication, though, and I am a happier parent.  He received his very best report card last quarter. He is finishing his work in school and doesn't have to finish it at home now. He is excelling in math and science.  His reading comprehension is off the charts. I am hoping in the future he won't need the medication anymore.

My middle child is Rhiannon and she is nearly 6 years old. She is definitely all girl and a middle child.  She is into all things princess, flowery and pink.  It's a bit tough for me as I am not a girly girl at all but we manage. She is a perfect angel in classroom but can be quite the devil at home. She often has a diva-esque attitude and seems more into herself than other people. I think she would fit perfectly in a top position like CEO of a large company in the future. She has a fantastic memory and is quite the negotiator.

She recently got glasses due to pretty severe astigmatism in both eyes. She took to getting glasses rather well but lately has really not been wanting to wear them.  That reminds me, I need to make her a follow up appointment.

My youngest child is Maggie and she turned 4 years in November. She was born by emergency c-section at 35 weeks. Amazingly, she only had to spend 6 hours in the NICU. She has definitely kept up that strong will and desire to be around her parents at all times. She is more into playing by herself, with her siblings or adults rather than playing with peers. She also has an amazing memory like her sister, but unlike her sister she isn't a complete girly girl. She doesn't care for dresses but you will catch her trying to put on makeup or do her hair.

She has a speech delay. She was originally diagnosed with developmental delay but in November the state removed the label as she is excelling in her early childhood special education class.  She didn't say her first words until after the age of 2. She talks up a storm now and knows and understands a wide variety of words; the problem is articulation. It can be difficult at times to understand what she is saying. She is doing well with speech therapy and she is expected to over come this.

I am truly blessed to have these 3 amazing people as my children. They bring joy into my life and I can't imagine not having them here. They have actually just gone off to spend the night with Penny and Roberta and I miss them already. I sometimes feel like I still have some of that new mom paranoia. I worry they wont behave or will do something sneaky. Luckily, the love Penny, Lee and Roberta and actually listen to them, so I know they will be just fine. I just have crazy mom brain.

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